This film was generously supported by the community.

Sincere thanks to the generous sponsors, donors and volunteers who made this film possible. If Mary Anne has taught us anything, it’s with enough energy and conviction, each of us has the capacity to create positive change in our communities. 

Special thanks to Dr. Mary Anne Cooper for letting us document her passion for heritage and community over the past several years and to her family for joining us on this journey.

Generous Financial Support

City of Port Moody
Edgar Developments
Laidler Real Estate Agents
Peller Estates
Imperial Foundation
Moody Centre TOD Landowners Group
Marcon Developments
icona Properties
Vancity Tri-City Branches
Port Moody Foundation
Bold Properties
Rotary Club of Port Moody
Institute for Environmental Learning
Port Moody Firefighters’ Charitable Society
Port Moody Heritage Society
Pottinger Bird Community Relations
Gaetan and Zoe Royer
Ruth Foster
Fred Soofi
Jeff McLellan
Corinna Goodman
Elaine Golds
Jean Donaldson
Dietmar Raudzus
Meghan Lahti
Adrienne Peacock

Additional Funding

Dave and Sandy Akins
Vicki Allesia
Patty Andersen
Marilyne and Wade Anderson
Cheryl Angell
Ken and Shelly Backman
Silvia Baker
Colleen Baxter
Carol and Peter Belanger
Ross Brewer
Joseph Choi
Karen Cook
Mary Anne Cooper
Diana Cooper
Helen and Rainer Daniels
Judy and Patrick Dennett
Sharon Dibble
Laura Dick
Nancy and Wally Dilay
Fin and Lynda Donnelly
Dora Eaglesham
Joan Eaglesham
Laura Eaglesham
Mary Eaglesham
Judy and Keith Evans
Doug Foster
John Foster
Michael Geller
Kirsten Gerllays
Rick Glumac
John Grasty
Tracy Green
Vicki Guzikowski
Mark Halpin
Stan Heinrichs
Emily Foster Hokanson
Cecilia Huang
Ann Hulbert
Tracey and Geoff Humphreys
Ron Injates
Rosemarie Kapp
Lillian Kern Rountree
Samantha Kuypers
Anne Ladouceur
Neil Laffra
Bruce Landon
Trudi Leverette
Roy Lundahl
Haven Lurbiecki
Donald Luxton
Heidi Maddrell
Jennifer Madoc-Jones
Nancy Maloney
Michel and Susanne Marentette
Wilhelmina Martin
Hazel Mason
Sharon McRae
Brenda and Jim Millar
Linda Moncur
Trudy Norton
Barb and Gerry Nuttall
Donna and Martin Oates
Karen Peplow
John Reynolds
Bernadette Rollin
Wynne Romaniuk
Benita Rountree
Alan Schmelzel
Beverly Sheen
Robert and Val Simons
Don Stoltz
Gail Stone
Deborah Struk
Mayling Stubbs
Joe Trasolini
Sheila van As
Stirling Ward
Sarah Wellman
Des Wilson
Brian Wormald
Anonymous donors

In Kind Donations

Tri-City News
Peller Estates
The Parkside Brewery
Pasta Polo
Inlet Seafoods
Port Moody Seniors Friendship Society
CityState Consulting
Thrifty Foods
Kin’s Farm Market
COBS Bread
Port Moody Flowers
Gabi and Jules
One-Stop Party Rentals
Tracy Green
Jeff McLellan
Rod MacVicar
John Grasty
Michel Marentette


Sandra Baron
Jasmine de Vera-Pilling
Corinna Goodman
Pat Dennett
Doug Foster
John Foster
Tracy Green
Pam Hosfield
Neil Laffra
Jennifer Madoc-Jones
Wilhelmina Martin
Margaret Matthews
Mina McKenzie
Jim Millar
Sandra Niven
Trudy Norton
Gerry Nuttall
Michael Pilling
Gaetan Royer
Angela Shaw
Beverly Sheen
Fred Soofi
Jeannie Trasolini
Reena Venkatesh

Special Thanks for Interviews

Jim Millar
Corinna Goodman
Tasha Faye Evans
Ralph Drew
Ruth Foster
Tracy Green
Zoe Royer
Rod MacVicar
Jennifer Swanson
Helen Daniels
Don Luxton
Gord Parker
David Spence
Ron Coulson
Madison McLellan

Archival Photos courtesy of

Canadian Pacific Railway Museum
American Museum of Natural History
Port Moody Station Museum
Steam Train Footage (courtesy of Craig McDowall and Kyle Miller)
Swim Competition Footage (courtesy of
Council Footage (courtesy of City of Port Moody)

Locations courtesy of

City of Port Moody
Port Moody Station Museum
Inlet United Church
Pasta Polo
Gallery Bistro
Noons Creek Hatchery
Mossom Creek Hatchery
Port Moody Firehall No. 1
Cedar Drive Elementary School
THE CLUB – Port Moody Seniors Friendship Society

Special Thanks to

Jim Millar
Wilhelmina Martin
Markus Fahrner
Port Moody Police Department
Port Moody Fire Department
Martin Oates
Peter Hay
Ron Kitamura
Rosemary Lodge
Scott Jaques
Tri-Cities Community TV
Geoff Scott
GRIT Studio
Martin Mayer